Strummer Regains Finger Fluidity – Tom Garn

Musicians have a special talent that enables them to express themselves through chords, lyrics and strings in ways that sooth their very souls. Suffering with an ailment that compromises a musician’s ability to play their favored instrument brings is the fear of every musician.

Kyle Roberts - Football Hero

Being stern and steadfast comes part and parcel with putting on those pads and the nerve that it takes to walk out onto a field fully dressed then stand strong and be invincible - no matter how hard you get hit – makes this extremely aggressive sport not one for the weak or the timid.

Brecken Stewart - Thumbs Up!

Athletes are special. Pushing their bodies to the full limit of time, speed and strength, it’s no surprise that injuries often occur, especially in those who like to participate in a multitude of sports.

Randy Hamlin - Weekend Warrior

Those with a “pedal to the metal” spirit have a lust for speed and terrain challenges. However, those thrills often place our bodies in as much danger as the recreational vehicle we’re driving.

Russ Gordon - Mobility Matters

Mobility is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Our ability to move freely and smoothly is an experience like none other, which is evidenced by that an inner joy and excitement that it sparked from the moment we take our very first steps. Sadly, those sparks do diminish once our mobility becomes compromised and results in an equal reduction in the quality of our lives.

Mike Wilson - Iron Horsemand

Mike Wilson, retired Command Sergeant Major, spent twenty-seven years in the Michigan Army National Guard, and like most military men possesses a “can do” attitude.

No questions left unanswered for Barbara Dinsmore, knee patient.

Barbara Dinsmore, of Sturgis Michigan, is most definitely a girl on the go! Working for many years as the Director of Sturgis’ Council of the Arts, Barbara not only needed mobility for her work, but her personal life, as well.

Pain-free Fingers for Kelly Fields

Kelly S. Fields, age 54, Property Manager for Stoughton Estates Apartments in Sturgis, Michigan, loves her office job there so much that she's been there for 19 years! “I love my job," Kelly said, "but it does mean lots of desk work."