Russ Gordon - Mobility Matters

Mobility is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Our ability to move freely and smoothly is an experience like none other, which is evidenced by that an inner joy and excitement that it sparked from the moment we take our very first steps. Sadly, those sparks do diminish once our mobility becomes compromised and results in an equal reduction in the quality of our lives.

Russ Gordon, age 57, a Quality Assurance manager for a steel fabricator in Middlebury, Indiana, enjoyed riding his bicycle, walking at work and marching with the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW). However, when his joints began to fail, his ability to pursue these interests failed as well. “I love to ride my bike,” Russ said affectionately. “Even though I don’t ride competitively, I do like to ride as much as I can.”

Being involved with his Civil War enthusiast group, Russ needed to be able to march with them in parades and at graveside dedications, but his pain was preventing him. “Marching and standing in place is a very important part of this group,” he said, solemnly, “but it’s difficult to even stand in place when your knees and hips are hurting you.”

After suffering a bad right knee injury in a motorcycle accident in 1980, Russ said that while he did have a couple surgeries on it, the knee was never quite the same. “Over the years, my right knee began to bother me but, instead of doing something about it,” he said with remorse, “I chose to compensate and shifted my weight to the left side, which then damaged both my left knee and hip, ruined my posture and ultimately forced me to stoop over and hobble like a very old man!”

With his mobility continuing to diminish, Russ longed to gain his agility back but, he didn’t want to travel a great distance nor did he want to deal with strange doctors he was unsure of in an unfamiliar environment. “When you don’t feel good, you want to stay home,” he said sighed, “so, I started asking around and began hearing how impressed people were with Dr. Grannell. There were so many positive remarks that came back, and he came so highly recommended, that I had to give him a shot!”

Getting his left hip surgery done in February of 2009, Russ said that it turned out so fantastic that he asked Dr. Grannell to fix his other issues, too!

“After the left hip, I had my right knee done in June of 2009 then I had my left knee done in October of 2009 and I can tell you, all of the surgeries have been just great!” he said smiling.

“Sure, surgery and rehab are not fun. And, yes, it’s painful, but Dr. Grannell was overseeing it all. Helping manage my pain so I could work hard at my recovery. I really owe it to him and the incredible staff at Sturgis hospital. I was getting exactly the care I needed to have a successful result!”

Having trust and confidence in your surgeon is something Russ said was important to him and helped affect his recovery. “I have healed beautifully and without issue and I attribute it all to Dr. Grannell. He is an excellent surgeon! The implants he chose for me are very comfortable and having such a positive outcome - time and again - has given me complete trust in him, which is why he was my obvious choice of surgeons when I needed Carpal Tunnel surgery on both of my wrists this past summer!”

With one more surgery to go - a right hip replacement - Russ said he is looking forward to having his joy of mobility fully restored by Dr. Grannell.

“I have great confidence in Dr. Grannell. He is a wonderful surgeon who is very straight forward and tells you exactly what needs to be done. I couldn’t ask for better care and I look forward to having my full mobility restored. Dr. Grannell, he truly is ‘The’ best!”