Randy Hamlin- Weekend Warrior

Those with a “pedal to the metal” spirit have a lust for speed and terrain challenges. However, those thrills often place our bodies in as much danger as the recreational vehicle we’re driving.

Randy Hamlin, age 43, owner of Classic Body & Paint in White Pigeon, Michigan, loves to race motocross and looks forward to the thrills it brings. “I am an amateur he said, "at the expert level and also in the vet classes,” he said proudly. “We love to go out on the weekends and bang the bars, as they say so I guess I am what you can consider a weekend warrior!”

Pursuing the hobby of motocross his entire life, and racing the last 13 years as an expert, Randy has seen his share of nicks and dents – on the frames of both his cycle and his flesh.

”I've enjoyed racing and I look forward to it every year,” he said, “especially when the season heats up, but this hobby has had Dr. Grannell performing surgeries on me because of it, too," he said cracking a smile. "I've had rotator cuff surgery due to a motocross racing accident and, once I recovered from that injury, I went back out riding and ended up damaging my right knee."

Requiring surgery to put him back together, Randy said he was glad that he had Dr. Grannell to patch him back up.

“Dr. Grannell figured out the best solution on how to handle my injuries,” he said. “I liked that. He also worked with me to figure out the best time to do my surgeries so that I could get it taken care of without major inconveniences.”

Randy said Dr. Grannell made the process of healing very easy for him.

”I had the surgery and went home and Dr. Grannell instructed me to get rid of the crutch just 3 days later so, I did. It was amazing! I was back on my feet and felt pretty much close to 100% within just two weeks! I liked how very straightforward and direct he was with me. He let me know everything about both surgeries so I would know what to expect after each of them. I also liked that he took time to explain everything.”

Having his surgeries done at Sturgis Hospital, Randy said the service and care he received was extraordinary. “The staff was fantastic!” he said, grinning. “Very great people that helped me to feel very at ease while I was there. I liked that.”

Now fully recovered from both surgeries, Randy said he has been given a clean bill of health and thanks Dr. Grannell. “He taught me just how important doing rehabilitation is. It does make a huge difference, especially injuries that are sports related. He explained to me that if you don't follow through and do the rehabilitation the way you are told to do it, you will not have a good outcome. But, if you stick to the guns and do it, you can expect the best outcome you are going to get. I am very impressed with Dr. Grannell and I am glad that I have him - especially since I still love to race motocross!”