Kyle Roberts - Football Hero

Make no mistake about it; heroes are made on the football field.

Being stern and steadfast comes part and parcel with putting on those pads and the nerve that it takes to walk out onto a field fully dressed then stand strong and be invincible - no matter how hard you get hit – makes this extremely aggressive sport not one for the weak or the timid.

Kyle Roberts, age 17, a student and an athlete at Bronson High School, is such a hero. Playing football since he was very young, Kyle’s love of the game kept him playing even while suffering in pain from a major shoulder injury.

“I got tackled during a football game,” he said calmly, “and my left shoulder just went the wrong way. It just started popping out.”

Confessing that he kept the injury to himself because he was afraid if he revealed it he wouldn’t be able to play, Kyle continued to play football with this injury – and without any medical care - for almost an entire year.

“I didn’t tell anybody – and I continued to play - so it never was able to get any better, not until my injury finally got noticed by a coach.”

Referred to Dr. Grannell by his sister, Kyle was diagnosed with a torn labrum. “I had torn this muscle in my shoulder,” he said plainly, “and Dr. Grannell was able to go in and fix it. My muscle was coming up off the bone so he just went in there and sewed it back down.”

Requiring outpatient surgery, Kyle said he found his time at Sturgis Hospital to be a very pleasant one. “There were nice people everywhere and my surgery was quick and easy,” he said warmly.

In obvious pain, Kyle said he was pleased with the pain management he received. “I am no longer in any pain now,” he said. “It’s just a little sore but, when I was hurting Dr. Grannell made sure to help me so I could get through it.”

Listening to his doctor, Kyle said that he felt Dr. Grannell helped him heal and feel better quicker. “After surgery, Dr. Grannell told me do all these exercises after surgery, “Kyle said, “and I am glad I did because it made my shoulder not as tight and more moveable.”

Kyle said he also liked Dr. Grannell’s approach to his injury and felt that he was very careful and concerned about Kyle’s desire to play sports and took time to consider all the options. “I liked that Dr. Grannell wanted to try different stuff,” Kyle said, “not just go straight to surgery. I liked that he told me like it is so I knew exactly what to expect!”

Now healing after a second, successive shoulder injury, Kyle has had to hang up his football cleats, but he says he’s okay with that.

“If I continue to play,” he said somberly, “It’s probably just going to tear again so I need to stay away from contact sports but, that’s okay. Track will be just fine!”