Pain-free Fingers for Kelly Fields

Kelly S. Fields, Property Manager for Stoughton Estates Apartments in Sturgis, Michigan, loves her office job there so much that she's been there for 19 years! "I love my job," Kelly said, "but it does mean lots of desk work."

Working in a field that relies on repetitive hand motions is a hazard of this occupation. "Prior to working here," Kelly said, "I worked in a factory that required me to do repetitive hand motions and then I got this job, which also requires repetitive motion with my hands - on the computer, on the mouse, etc - repetitive motion for long periods of time is never good. For me it was a matter of cause and effect that gave me carpal tunnel."

Pain was Kelly’s greatest complaint, "I would have all kinds of pain that would just really get to me," she sighed. "By the end of the day, I would be feeling just horrible. Like I had been hit by a truck!"

Change came only after her husband looked at her and said, "Honey, you're too young to come home from a desk job feeling like this. You obviously have something wrong"

At her husband’s prompting, Kelly sought out medical attention. "I didn’t want to have to leave the community to get excellent medical care. I wanted to stay home so, I went to the Sturgis Hospital website."

Kelly said the website impressed her. "I really like that they post information on all the doctors. I could read and figure out what kind of doctor I wanted and needed. It was great! In fact, whenever someone asks me about a doctor I say, 'Go to the Sturgis Hospital website because they also post whether or not the doctor is accepting new patients.'"

Choosing Dr. Grannell, Kelly said she remembers their first meeting. "I remember asking him, 'Can you fix this?' and he said,'Absolutely!'

He did tell me I would never get the full straightness back in my finger because it had been there for so long but, the pain would be gone and he was right! He took care of my problem and I just have a little tiny scar star there - It's awesome!"

Now having issues in her other hand, Kelly said she's probably going to have to get it taken care of but, she's okay with that because she knows she has Dr. Grannell to rely on.

"He will definitely be the one that I call because he's the guy I want to take care of me! I had immediate relief in my hand right after surgery and Dr. Grannell did a great job at managing my pain. I had nothing to fear or worry about. I also liked how approachable he was and understanding and informative, explaining everything to me so that I knew what was going on. He also made me feel like he was truly concerned about me. He was just fabulous and so was all the staff at Sturgis Hospital, too. Just fabulous!"