Brecken Stewart - Thumbs Up!

Athletes are special. Pushing their bodies to the full limit of time, speed and strength, it’s no surprise that injuries often occur, especially in those who like to participate in a multitude of sports.

Playing varsity football, baseball and basketball, 16 year-old Brecken Stewart, an athlete at Sturgis High School, is truly a man for all seasons. “Since I was a little boy," he said, happily, "I've been involved in all kinds of sports!"

Enjoying playing a variety of sports - and nearly year round – it was likely no surprise to his parents that Brecken would one day suffer a sports-related injury.

"I broke my left thumb while playing baseball one summer,” he said matter-of-factly. “A kid slid into it and broke it!”

Having his thumb x-rayed by Dr. Grannell, Brecken said his treatment evolved. "Dr. Grannell was hoping that a couple weeks in a cast would fix the bone, but then he decided surgery was best.”

Placing three pins into Brecken’s thumb, a procedure done to lock the bone back in place, Brecken would then be placed in a cast. “After surgery, I had to wear a cast for four weeks so, I pretty much spent that whole summer in a cast,” Brecken lamented.

Even though he did have to endure a summer of restrictions, Brecken said he was very impressed with Dr. Grannell and his ability to relate to his injury. "I liked that he understood my situation because he played sports as a kid, too. He knew what I was going through. How I wanted to get back out there and play. It made me feel better knowing that."

Brecken’s experience with the hospital was comforting, too. "The hospital took really good care of me,” he said smiling. "They made me feel like I was in good hands the whole time I was there. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and they understood my situation, too. It was great hospitality!"

Having minimal pain, Brecken said that Dr. Grannell made sure to keep him comfortable. “I just had a little pain after surgery,” he said, “and I was on some medicine but, I only needed a few pills to get through it.”

Looking forward to life without a cast, Brecken was very happy to heal. “It only took maybe one to two weeks to get my hand back in full motion after the cast was removed,” Brecken said proudly, “and it was nice to feel like my own self again.My hand is 100% back to normal and my thumb is working great!”