No questions left unanswered for Barbara Dinsmore, knee patient.

Barbara Dinsmore, of Sturgis Michigan, is most definitely a girl on the go! Working for many years as the Director of Sturgis’ Council of the Arts, Barbara not only needed mobility for her work, but her personal life, as well.

"I like to keep myself busy," Barbara said. "I like to sew, I absolutely love to cook and, when the weather is nice, I like to work out in the yard, which is incredibly difficult when you have a painful knee!"

When Barbara's left knee began to bother her, she tried to ignore it. "I was in pain for five years," she sighed. "After my mother passed away, I began walking on my treadmill everyday, which only further aggravated the arthritis I already had in my knee."

With time and her treadmill pushing the pain level in Barbara's knee a little higher each day, she finally decided to seek medical care.

"I walked for a full thirty-five minutes every single morning on that treadmill, even Christmas morning," she said smiling, “but when the pain started getting far worse, I had to stop walking."

Coming highly recommended from sources she could trust, Barbara chose to see Dr. Grannell. "He came highly recommended as both a skilled and knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon, so I felt he was someone that I could trust."

Barbara said she was immediately impressed with Dr. Grannell. "This tall man came rushing into the room," she recalled. "He was very intense but, also very straightforward and I appreciated that. I don't need someone to put their arm around me and console me,” she said. “I want someone who is very knowledgeable and skilled and very good at what they do, especially when it comes to performing surgery on my knee."

Telling her exactly what she needed, Dr. Grannell informed Barbara that she needed her right knee replaced.

Upon hearing this, Barbara told Dr. Grannell what she needed from him. "I don't like any surprises," Barbara said firmly. "I would really like to know everything I should expect, all the variables that may arise, so that I am fully prepared for all outcomes."

Barbara was given a full, tabbed notebook binder for knee replacement patients, developed by Dr. Grannell and Sturgis Hospital nursing staff, to prepare patients for what to expect. Barbara began to feel immediately at ease.

"This book has everything in it,” she said. “There are answers in here to questions I didn't even know to ask," she said bursting into laughter. "It's very concise and on point, and covers everything everyone needs to know about having knee surgery. I just loved it!"

"As his patient, I also had to go to Joint Camp," she said smiling, " which was held at the hospital by a nurse and a physical therapist who answered all of our questions and explained in detail what to expect regarding rehab, such as how after surgery you are placed on a CPM machine, which stands for constant passive motion. This is done to keep scar tissue from forming so you retain maximum flexibility. Having all this information explained to me, and also having it on hand for reference in a binder, left no surprises. It was wonderful!"

Barbara said she received extraordinary care at the hospital, too. "Absolutely wonderful!" she said beaming. "After surgery you're up and walking that same day and, I was released the very next day but, in the short time I was there, the entire staff at the hospital made me very comfortable and very well cared for."

Once home and beginning rehabilitation, Barbara said she was eager to do her best. "I was like a dog with a bone with those exercises," she said smiling. "When you think about Dr. Grannell's education, and all that he puts into being a fine, fine orthopedic surgeon, there was no way that I wasn't going to follow his advice and hold up my end of the bargain,” she said. “He did an excellent job as a surgeon on my knee so, I needed to do an excellent job in my rehab."

Walking in just three weeks without so much as a cane or crutch, Barbara attributes her success to Dr. Grannell. "I was walking the neighborhood in three weeks!" she said glowing, "and there was no pain so, that's why I'm looking forward to having my left knee done by Dr. Grannell. I wouldn't go to any other surgeon. He is just wonderful and so is his notebook for knees! I highly recommend him!"